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Johs. Jensen Fiske- & Muslingeexport A/S deals primarily with processing and selling fresh shellfish products in high quality from the Limfjord.
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Our product portfolio from Limfjord consists of: Blue mussels (Mytilus edulis), oyster (Ostrea edulis), lobster (Homarus Gammarus), edible crabs and claws (Cancridae), shrimps (Palaemon adspersus) and Lumpfish roe (Cyclopterus). Click to read more ...

Our vision is without compromise to focus on the highest quality of fresh shellfish products from the Limfjord, and each day strive to provide very high service and flexibility towards customers and suppliers. Click to read more ...

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Blue mussels



Edible crabs and claws


Lumpfish roe

Salmon trout


We receive daily mussels from fishermen and farmers. Bottom mussels lives in mussel beds at the bottom of the Limfjord and are very tasty. Growth conditions here are ideal because of the favorable growth conditions and inflow of water from the North Sea.
Mussels for consumption has a size of 4,5-8,0 cm. Mussels are fished only in controlled and authorized areas.

Line Mussels differs from bottom mussels to grow on ropes hung out in the fjord. Line mussels grown on ropes, who hangs about 1 meter below the water surface. Here is the quantity of food larger than at the bottom and it causes the mussels grow faster.
Danish line mussels are subject to the same requirements as bottom mussels, when it comes to fishing and control.

We can offer the following assortment of clams:

Jute bags:
5 - 10 - 15 - 20 and 25 kg bags

MAP-packaged trays:
1.5 kg trays with 8 pcs. in each carton

1.0 kg bags packed with 10 bags in polysack